Tucker / Putin Interview: NOW RELEASED

The much-anticipated transcripts from journalist Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin have been released, along with the video going public.

Despite the ire of the mainstream media, Carlson provided Putin a platform to share his perspective on the Ukraine invasion and to expose what he sees as the realities of America’s deep state-influenced government.

Putin wasted no time in making his stance clear: Russia is not an adversary of the American people. He emphasized Russia’s desire for peace and readiness to engage in dialogue, even extending an offer to meet with President Biden in Washington, D.C., an offer that the Biden administration declined.

Putin vehemently denied allegations of Russian interference in U.S. elections, commending former President Trump’s border security efforts compared to the perceived failures of the current administration.

Regarding Ukraine, Putin asserted historical ties between Russia and the region, emphasizing Russia’s intention to reclaim what he views as rightfully theirs while addressing corruption within Ukraine.

While acknowledging differences with Washington elites, Putin highlighted the historical alliance between the Russian and American people, contrasting it with what he perceives as the adversarial stance of U.S. leadership.

Putin raised concerns about Biden’s understanding of the sanctions imposed on Russia, suggesting that Biden may not fully grasp the decisions made by his advisors.

Putin underscored Russia’s role in advancing the BRICS alliance as a counterbalance to the Western-dominated financial system, signaling a shift away from reliance on the U.S. dollar.

Dismissing rumors about his health, Putin assured that he is in good condition and refuted speculation about illness, affirming his vitality and well-being.