Supreme Court COVERUP – Justice Roberts Linked!

According to a new report, the Supreme Court purposely MISLED the public about its financial relationship with an “expert” who was the same investigator who FAILED to identify the leaker who released a draft of the Roe V. Wade ruling months ago. This scandal even seems to point to Chief Justice John Roberts!

Supreme Court Investigator’s Past Covered Up. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff was recently used by the Supreme Court as an “expert” in one of its recent investigations.

The Supreme Court used Michael Chertoff to independently “validate” its investigation into the Supreme Court leaking scandal.

Here’s the suspicious part. Chertoff is the very same investigator who failed to identify the person responsible for identifying the Supreme Court leaker who released a draft of Roe V. Wade!

This “investigator” Chertoff even has a financial past with the Supreme Court and even has a private relationship with Justice John Roberts!

Leaker Investigator Is A John Roberts Crony. If all this wasn’t suspicious enough, it appears that John Roberts has a very suspicious relationship with this Michael Chertoff.

John Roberts has used Chertoff time and time again to run “investigations” into Supreme Court matters. All of this is happening while the Supreme Court quietly hid any financial relationship it had with Chertoff.

John Roberts Is The Swamp. A recent investigation by Politico made some pretty disturbing findings regarding Justice John Roberts and his wife, Jane.