Putin’s Chilling Promise Revealed To World

The Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to retaliate after the horrific Islamic terrorist attack that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people in Moscow on Friday night.

Addressing the nation for the first time since the tragedy struck Crocus City Hall, Putin implied that Ukraine played a role in the attack, citing intelligence indicating that Ukraine had created a “window” in the border to facilitate the terrorists’ escape into their territory after the heinous operation.

“They attempted to flee, heading towards the Ukrainian border. We have data suggesting that they were being transported to Ukraine by those in Ukraine,” he stated.

However, Putin refrained from directly accusing Ukraine of orchestrating the attack.

In his speech, Putin also did not address allegations that the U.S. was involved in the attack, despite a public warning issued two weeks ago about a terrorist plot targeting large crowds, particularly at concerts. The U.S. government had reportedly communicated with Russian officials to caution them about the impending attack, which is a common practice.

Comparing the perpetrators to the Nazis who murdered Russians during World War II, Putin pledged that all responsible parties, including the terrorists and those who aided them with weapons and transportation, would be held accountable.

“We will identify everyone behind these terrorists, and they will face retribution. These terrorists have only one fate—vengeance and oblivion,” the Russian president declared.

On Friday night, at least four gunmen dressed in camouflage started a brutal massacre outside the event hall using fully automatic weapons. The initial death toll of 40 quickly escalated to 133, with 140 people injured from gunshot wounds or burns. Many victims were also trampled in the chaos that ensued from the shooting.