Won’t get an mRNA jab? Fine, Get AIR VAXED

Yale’s “Air Vax” Sparks Controversy: A Game-Changer or a Hazard?

Yale University researchers are working on a groundbreaking method of vaccination using aerosols, eliminating the need for needles. They’ve dubbed it “Air Vax” and claim it could transform vaccination.

The “Air Vax” system delivers mRNA via aerosol, targeting the lungs instead of traditional injections. This innovation utilizes polymer nanoparticles to encapsulate the mRNA, with promising results in mouse studies. Researchers believe this could revolutionize the way vaccines are administered.

Air Vax: A Solution for Remote Areas and Needle Phobia?

One potential advantage of “Air Vax” is its applicability in remote regions and for individuals who fear needles. By bypassing injections, it could expand vaccine coverage, providing a new approach to vaccination, gene therapy, and more. The delivery method involves encapsulating mRNA in optimized polyplexes (nanoparticles).

The Controversy: Could We See mRNA Chemtrails?

The research, led by cellular and molecular physiologist Mark Saltzman, raises concerns about the possibility of widespread airborne vaccine spraying without individual consent. Unlike the traditional needle and syringe approach, aerosol mRNA vaccines could be dispersed without the recipient’s knowledge.

“Prime and Spike” vs. Intranasal Delivery: A Bold Experiment

Saltzman, known for his “prime and spike” COVID jab delivery system, seeks to minimize injections. In his latest study, he administered two intranasal doses of spike protein-laden nanoparticles, achieving a robust immune response. The absence of intramuscular injections could redefine vaccine administration.

The Future of Aerosol Vaccination: Innovation or Concern?

If Saltzman’s invention gains approval, it may pave the way for mass vaccination via aerosols. This method, reminiscent of oral “nanovaccines” used on seafood, could immunize populations without individual injections. Some argue it’s a necessary step to combat the virus; others are concerned about unforeseen consequences.

Airborne Vaccination: A Disturbing Prospect?

As the debate unfolds, questions arise about the potential consequences of widespread aerosol vaccination. Critics worry about its implications, while proponents argue it could be a game-changer. The future of vaccination may take an unprecedented path with “Air Vax.”