Whistleblowers Reveal “Big Joe’s” Next Power Grab!

“Insiders Warn of Looming New Lockdowns by the Biden Administration”

Insiders from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Border Patrol have sounded the alarm about potential upcoming lockdowns and mandates, supposedly in response to a new variant of the Wuhan coronavirus, BA.2.86.

Major publications, including the typically questioning New York Post, are already raising alarm bells about BA.2.86, questioning: “Should we be wearing masks?”

However, let’s remember, there’s strong evidence suggesting masks serve more as a symbol than an effective tool against the virus. In fact, some argue they can even be harmful by restricting the intake of oxygen and causing excessive carbon dioxide (CO2) retention, potentially leading to hypoxia.

Interesting to note: Biden has recently put in place a permanent federal entity to deal with upcoming “pandemics.” Could this be an indication of more stringent measures in our future?

Sources from within TSA have shared with Infowars that there’s talk within the agency of renewed mask mandates for TSA employees by mid-September, extending to the entire airport staff by mid-October, and eventually encompassing pilots, flight attendants, and passengers.

Infowars reached out to their trusted Border Patrol contacts, who confirmed similar rumblings within their own agency.

By mid-October, there’s concern that these mandates might extend to society at large, coupled with renewed lockdowns, even stricter than what was seen earlier.

It’s speculated that the so-called “fully vaccinated” might be at higher risk due to potential immune system vulnerabilities caused by the vaccines, leading to a more dangerous health scenario than before.

The narrative surrounding this potential second wave could be driven by genuine concerns or perhaps serve as a convenient tool for the Biden administration in the run-up to the next election and to explain away a faltering economy.

Regardless of one’s viewpoint on President Biden’s legitimacy or character, it’s imperative to keep a close eye on unfolding events and to remain vigilant in the defense of personal freedoms.