Where Is Sleepy Joe As The World Crumbles?

Amid ongoing attacks by Hamas terrorists in Israel and concerning reports of Americans held hostage, President Joe Biden was spotted enjoying a weekend on Delaware’s beaches.

Biden has dedicated nearly 40% of his presidency to vacation time, including trips during crucial national moments, like his visit to Lake Tahoe following the devastating Maui wildfires.

Footage of the president’s recent vacation has gone viral on social media. He was seen taking leisurely strolls on Rehoboth Beach, all while ten Americans remain missing in Israel, possibly in the custody of Hamas terrorists.

One clip captured President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden walking on the beach last Sunday. They notably ignored reporters’ questions about the release of American hostages held by Hamas.

Biden waved happily at the reporters but declined to address their inquiries.

The RNC Research group posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, stating, “Americans are still being held hostage by Hamas terrorists—and Joe Biden is at the beach.”

Meanwhile, the White House maintains that Biden has been engaged in managing the Israel-Hamas conflict. They cite a conversation between the president and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where Biden reportedly expressed gratitude for Israel’s assistance in securing the release of two American hostages.

However, this defense does not satisfy many Americans, who are increasingly concerned that the president is not dedicating his weekend to working at the White House to bring home the Americans still trapped in Israel or held hostage by Hamas following the harrowing October 7 terrorist attacks.

Rapper 50 Cent was among the critics, chastising Biden for vacationing during this period of turmoil.

Over the weekend, 50 Cent shared a screenshot on Instagram of an article titled, “Biden hits the beach with Middle East, Congress in Chaos.”

In his caption, he wrote, “Hey Joe, get up, we’re in trouble, man!”

He later shared another article about his own post, titled “50 Cent flames Biden,” adding the caption, “We have serious matters to address, Joe. What’s the plan? It’s time to get to work.”