U.S. Faces China’s Sabotage Nightmare Now!

As migrant encounters continue to surge along the southern border, one policy expert has issued a stark warning: we may soon find ourselves facing a war with China on American soil.

Gordon Chang, a senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute, sounded the alarm on “Mornings with Maria” by pointing out a significant concern. He emphasized that we have no accurate count of the number of Chinese males who cross the border undetected, suggesting a potential sabotage problem. According to Chang, this could lead to attacks on U.S. military bases, shopping centers, reservoirs, and more, effectively forcing America into a war situation on its own territory. This, he noted, would be the first time since 1812.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently revealed that migrant encounters exceeded 200,000 in August, marking a record high for the calendar year and the highest August on record.

Rep. Mark Green, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, reported that CBP has apprehended 18,000 Chinese nationals along the southern border. These individuals, primarily military-age men, are believed to be fleeing the rule of Chinese President Xi Jinping and a declining economy. However, Chang raised concerns about potential saboteurs among this group, highlighting their travel patterns and connections to the military.

Chang also drew attention to the discovery of an underground biolab in Reedley, California, expressing worries about China’s intentions. He mentioned that this lab contained pathogens and genetically engineered mice capable of transmitting diseases, potentially posing a threat to Americans.

Chang asserted that while President Xi Jinping is preparing China for war and talking about it frequently, President Joe Biden appears to be subordinate to China and lacks urgency in addressing the growing threat. Chang attributed Biden’s hesitancy to two factors: concerns about potential corruption involving his son, Hunter Biden, and a history of misjudgments on foreign policy matters during his tenure as vice president.

In conclusion, Chang emphasized that the United States is facing a serious problem, whether due to corruption or incompetence. He argued that Biden is not taking adequate steps to protect the country from a known danger, despite the ominous signs of war brewing in Asia. A Department of Homeland Security official, however, stressed that noncitizens apprehended at the border posing a risk to public safety or national security are detained during their immigration process, irrespective of nationality.