Illegal Takeover: Tyson’s Disgraceful Workforce Swap

Tyson Foods has announced the closure of its pork facility in Perry, Iowa, resulting in over 1,200 layoffs. The affected workers, including Americans and legal immigrants, face uncertainty as the plant is set to shut down in June. While Tyson advertises 52,000 job opportunities in its factories across other states, those laid off in Perry won’t be considered. What’s alarming is that these positions are exclusively reserved for illegal immigrants.

The company, known for its financial support to President Joe Biden’s campaign, has drawn criticism for its preferential treatment toward illegal immigrant employees. While denying jobs to citizens, Tyson offers extensive benefits to undocumented workers, including childcare, housing, transportation, and time off for immigration hearings. Additionally, Tyson allocates $1.5 million annually to provide legal aid to migrants, covering citizenship fees for over 1,300 employees in 2023 alone.

With 42,000 immigrant employees already on board, Tyson’s appetite for cheap labor seems insatiable. Garett Dolan, a spokesperson for Tyson, expressed the company’s desire to hire even more immigrants if possible, further aggravating concerns among locals in Perry and beyond.

The sudden announcement of layoffs without prior notice has sent shockwaves through the Perry community, home to just over 8,000 residents. Mayor Dick Cavanagh voiced concerns about the economic impact of losing Perry’s largest employer, emphasizing the challenges ahead for the town.

Tyson’s hiring practices have faced scrutiny in the past, including allegations of employing illegal child laborers. Critics are now calling for a boycott of Tyson products, ranging from Tyson Chicken to Jimmy Dean sausages and Sara Lee bread, citing the company’s disregard for American workers.

Amid financial struggles, Tyson’s decision to prioritize illegal immigrant labor over citizens may lead to further repercussions. The backlash, coupled with potential boycotts, could offset any cost-saving benefits derived from employing undocumented workers.

Furthermore, Tyson’s “woke” hiring practices may invite legal challenges, as highlighted by the action group America First Legal. Under federal law, discriminating against American citizens in favor of non-citizens is illegal, raising questions about Tyson’s compliance with employment regulations.