Tucker Carlson’s Explosive Insights on National Media and Government Collusion

On a recent radio talk show, previous Fox News anchor, Tucker Carlson, shared some eye-opening thoughts. He hinted at a troubling alliance between the national media and the powers in Washington, D.C. His worry? They might be keeping the real story hidden.

Chatting with Glenn Beck, a fellow former Fox News host, Carlson voiced a controversial perspective. In his view, no one in the media or the corridors of Washington ever truly gets upset over a lie. However, share something true, he suggests, and suddenly there’s a storm of outrage. Even worse, you might find people baying for your blood or, at the very least, trying to boot you off social media.

Carlson believes the media is adamant about keeping the truth under wraps. He made this claim at the FAMiLY Leadership Summit, where he also expressed concerns about the lack of oversight by Congress over what Beck refers to as the “Deep State.”

He went on to explain his belief that the intelligence committees in both the House and Senate are under the control of intelligence agencies. He also shared a specific concern about the number of federal agents present during the January 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol protests. He speculated whether this was just an unlucky series of events.

Carlson mentioned that there’s a push to stop questioning the occurrences of that particular day. The outcome? He believes it’s used to strip people of their rights guaranteed by the Constitution and weave a story of deceit that alters the face of American society.

Ever since leaving Fox, Carlson has kept himself in the public eye. He and his team transformed an old barn on his property in Maine into a studio for his next project. His new program, “Tucker on Twitter,” has amassed a massive viewership and follows a format akin to his old cable show.

Recently, Carlson conducted a gathering with potential Republican candidates for 2024. The meeting drew a lot of eyes, particularly as Carlson didn’t hesitate to grill the participants on various issues, like foreign policy.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis named China America’s most significant foreign policy challenge at this event, citing its robust economy and big ambitions. DeSantis is trying to block educational programs funded by China and prohibit land purchases by the Chinese Communist Party in his state.