Trump’s NEW Promise – NO More!

At a recent rally in Racine, Wisconsin, former President Donald Trump delivered a passionate address, promising to “restore the sovereign borders of the United States” if he wins reelection in November. With his trademark fire and vigor, Trump did not hold back, accusing Democrats of prioritizing illegal immigrants over American citizens and depleting resources meant for senior citizens.

“They’re wheeling granny off the cliff and giving benefits and jobs to illegal immigrants,” Trump declared to a rapturous crowd. His remarks echoed previous statements where he has asserted that President Joe Biden’s policies, including “mass amnesty” for illegal immigrants, are undermining Social Security and Medicaid benefits for American seniors.

Trump’s rhetoric struck a chord with many, particularly his claims that illegal immigration disproportionately impacts the job market for black and Hispanic communities. “The black population and the Hispanic population are voting for me at historic levels because they are losing their jobs to illegal immigrants,”Trump asserted. He vowed to”fight for American seniors, not for Biden illegals,” and to champion “the American dreamers, not the child smugglers and woman smugglers.”

Trump’s comments come in the wake of President Biden’s two new executive orders regarding illegal immigrants, issued on June 18. The first order allows 500,000 illegal immigrants who have been in the United States for ten years and are married to an American citizen, along with 50,000 illegal immigrant children who have a parent married to an American citizen, to receive green cards. The second order grants work visas to 550,000 illegal immigrants enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Trump was unequivocal in his opposition to these measures. “Biden’s amnesty plan will be ripped apart and thrown out,” he promised. His stance is clear: reversing Biden’s executive orders will be a priority in his administration.

Trump’s rally also highlighted a significant shift in voter demographics. Recent polls indicate a decline in support for Biden among Latino and black voters, juxtaposed with an increase in support for Trump. An April poll by Axios/Ipsos showed Biden’s approval among Latinos had dropped from 53 percent to 41 percent since he took office, while Trump’s support rose by 8 points to 32 percent. Among black voters, an I&I/TIPP Poll from early May revealed Biden’s support had decreased by 28 percent, with Trump’s increasing by three points to 15 percent.

Trump’s growing appeal among these voter groups suggests a significant shift in the political landscape. His message of restoring American sovereignty and prioritizing citizens over illegal immigrants resonates with many who feel left behind by the current administration’s policies.

In Racine, Trump’s vow to “restore the sovereign borders of the United States” was met with enthusiastic approval. His tough stance on illegal immigration and promise to overturn Biden’s executive orders underscore his commitment to prioritizing American citizens’ needs and rights. As the November election approaches, Trump’s clear, unyielding positions are set to galvanize his base and potentially draw in new supporters disillusioned with the current administration’s direction.