Trump Insider SHOT: Critical Life Battle!

Addressing the dual challenges of soaring crime rates in America and the leftwing criminal reform advocated in D.C., a former Trump administration official fights for his life after being shot.

Mike Gill, a father of three and former COO at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission during Trump’s presidency, is in critical condition after being attacked by a suspect involved in D.C.-area carjackings.

Gill was shot in the head while parked on K Street NW, waiting to pick up his wife. Witnesses, including Yolanda Douglas, described a distressing scene with Gill lying on the ground and a head wound. Gill’s wife, horrified, rushed out from a nearby building, and paramedics found a shell casing, confirming the gunshot.

The attacker’s identity remains undisclosed. Linked to multiple violent acts, including a fatal shooting, carjackings, and shooting at police, the spree ended in Maryland with the suspect being killed by police.

Post-shooting, the assailant attempted another carjacking on Third Street NE, failed, fatally shot Alberto Vasquez Jr., and stole his car. The same suspect was involved in subsequent crimes, including shooting at police vehicles.

The crime wave culminated when police located the stolen car, fatally confronting the suspect. This violence highlights a notable increase in D.C. carjackings, reaching 950 cases from 2022 to 2023.