Trump Dynasty Rising: Lara Trump’s Triumph

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has taken a bold step in electing Lara Trump as co-chair and Michael Whatley as chair on Friday. This move has been met with excitement from Republicans and anger from Democrats.

Lara Trump, married to Eric Trump and daughter-in-law to former President Donald Trump, and Michael Whatley, former head of the North Carolina Republican Party, were both elected unanimously and endorsed by the de facto Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.


This change in leadership is a symbolic shift, as Ronna McDaniel, born Ronna Romney and niece of Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), resigned from her position as chairwoman. The relationship between Donald Trump and Mitt Romney, who voted to impeach Trump in 2020, has been strained, making McDaniel’s position as RNC chair a challenge.


The new leadership comes as a much-needed boost to the party’s fundraising efforts, which have been lackluster under McDaniel’s guidance. With Donald Trump facing significant opposition, strong support from the RNC is essential for his re-election bid. Lara Trump has already made her intentions clear, stating that the RNC must be the “leanest, most lethal political fighting machine” in American history.

Lara Trump is committed to managing party funds more efficiently and dedicating as many resources as possible to her father-in-law’s campaign. She also plans to adopt some of the Democrats’ tactics, such as encouraging early voting and engaging in “legal ballot harvesting.” Additionally, she has spoken out against the government’s weaponization of politics against Donald Trump’s campaign.


In a decisive move, the RNC has already recognized Donald Trump as the party’s candidate for president, even though he has not yet officially secured the nomination. This is a clear indication of the party’s unwavering support for Trump’s bid for the presidency.