The Left’s Dark Money Exposed!

In a revelation that is bound to raise concerns among American conservatives and patriots, a recent report has uncovered the expansion of what could arguably be the nation’s most formidable leftist “dark money” network. This development underscores the growing influence of such entities in shaping election outcomes.

According to recent documentation uncovered by The Washington Free Beacon and cited by The Daily Caller, Arabella Advisors, a prominent left-leaning dark money powerhouse, has discreetly incorporated a new entity into its network of nonprofits.

The newly established organization, known as the Telescope Fund and launched in 2021, marks the latest addition to Arabella Advisors’ consortium, bringing the total number of its affiliated organizations to seven.

The report highlights the network’s reputation for funneling substantial amounts of untraceable funds into progressive and far-left political factions and advocacy groups.

The Telescope Fund, specifically, is poised to manage donor-advised funds (DAFs), providing contributors with a means to obscure their financial support by directing donations through a DAF. This allows donors to recommend beneficiaries while shielding the origin of the funds.

Arabella’s network serves as a critical financial artery for the American progressive movement, channeling significant resources into initiatives aimed at mobilizing Democrat-leaning voters, supporting abortion advocacy, funding left-leaning political committees, and bolstering various progressive endeavors.

Documents obtained by The Free Beacon confirm Arabella Advisors’ oversight of the Telescope Fund, with a representative from the firm acknowledging their role in providing administrative support and accounting services for the fund’s operations.

The Telescope Fund was launched in 2021 as a subsidiary of the New Venture Fund, also managed by Arabella Advisors. However, the New Venture Fund is currently under scrutiny by the Attorney General of the District of Columbia for potential violations of charity laws, as it is technically prohibited from engaging in political activity due to its 501(c)(3) status.