She Touched a Table, Biden Admin Had Her ARRESTED

Conservative influencer and former congressional intern Isabella Maria DeLuca has been arrested and charged concerning her participation in the events of January 6th. She faces four misdemeanor counts common among those charged with involvement that day, in addition to a fifth count related to the theft of government property.

DeLuca has acknowledged her presence at the Capitol during the incident and had previously been interviewed by the FBI on January 21, 2021. Her mother, also interviewed on the same day, confirmed her daughter attended the Capitol with friends but claimed she did not enter the building. According to her mother, DeLuca’s activities were visible on an Instagram Live Stream, showing her outside the Capitol.

However, surveillance footage reportedly captures DeLuca on the inauguration stage and near a window that had been broken. It is alleged that she entered through this broken window and shortly thereafter, was seen assisting others in removing a table from inside the building. This table was subsequently used in the tunnel area as a weapon against law enforcement, according to court filings.

Court documents note that DeLuca exited the building approximately two and a half minutes after her entry. The table she is accused of removing has been valued by the US Senate Sergeant at Arms at approximately $637.96 for replacement.

DeLuca previously served as an ambassador for Turning Point USA and interned for Republican Representatives Lee Zeldin of New York and Paul Gosar of Arizona.