Shady Dealings On CNN

Hosts at the left-leaning and outrageously biased CNN are becoming weary of bolstering President Biden, particularly his overall fitness – no pun intended. CNN Host Phil Mattingly tried to rein in Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) during his relentless praise of the president’s intellect and leadership qualities. Rep. Goldman also brushed off Biden’s increasingly apparent signs of senility and cognitive decline.

One might wonder if Rep. Goldman needs a chiropractic adjustment after his hand-waving marathon defending the president’s actions and mental state.

“Very, very flimsy” is how Rep. Goldman described the evidence against Biden regarding the classified documents he allegedly mishandled. He oddly suggested that Special Counsel Robert Hur — a Trump appointee — only mentioned Biden’s memory issues to “appease Republicans.”

This assertion left CNN’s Mattingly scratching his head, attempting to halt his liberal colleague from taking his arguments to absurd levels.

But an undeterred Rep. Goldman talked over his progressive host, persisting with a dismissive argument downplaying Biden’s frequent memory lapses.

Regarding Biden’s mix-up of Mexico and Egypt, Rep. Goldman remarked: “It’s wrong to assume that because President Biden made a simple incidental mistake, everyone understood what he meant, and that it reflects on his mental sharpness.”

Rep. Goldman also tried to compare Biden’s slip-ups to ordinary verbal mistakes, citing instances where other politicians, like House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and former President Donald Trump, made similar errors.

He even resorted to the “but Trump is worse” defense, saying in a juvenile manner: “Donald Trump makes more mistakes in this area than Joe Biden does.”

When addressing Biden’s alleged criminal acts, Rep. Goldman sidestepped by praising Biden’s purported mastery of the Middle East region, dubbing him “a tremendous asset to our country as our leader.”

The New York congressman inadequately addressed Biden’s lapses in memory about his son Beau’s death and ignored Hur’s findings that Biden forgot his time as Vice President.

A chiropractor might not suffice – Rep. Goldman may require back surgery from carrying water for his mentally challenged Commander in Chief.

Hubris might be the kindest term to describe the ongoing defense of the senile, criminal, and corrupt occupant of the White House. Biden’s memory lapses and erratic behavior are nothing new, occurring since the beginning of his term. The absence of criminal charges related to his mishandling of classified material, under the excuse of “he didn’t remember,” sharply contrasts with Trump’s continued legal battles for similar offenses.