Prince Andrew “VICTIM” To Blow The Lid!

According to a new report from Fox News, Jeffrey Epstein’s victim Virginia Giuffre says that she’s going to blow the lid off the scandal involving Prince Andrew once a gag order is lifted by a judge.

Prince Andrew “Victim” Stepping Forward? Although one of Epstein’s victims from his infamous pedophile island, Virginia Guiffre, has remained quiet regarding Prince Andrew. It appears as if that might change.

According to a lawyer representing Guiffre, she intends to come forward with more details regarding Prince Andrew’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein once she has a gag order lifted in a case involving her.

Guiffre’s attorney Lisa Bloom confirmed the news by stating the following: “Guiffre is a tremendous advocate for women, not only victims of Jeffrey Epstein, but victims in general. I don’t expect her to remain silent. I expect her to continue to use her voice to speak out. And I hope that she does.”

Prince On Fence! We knew Prince Andrew’s drama was over after he schmoozed with liberal billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein for years.

Donald Trump has slyly suggested that Andrew’s involvement with Epstein goes far deeper than anyone imagined, saying that Andrew knows about Epstein’s infamous pedophile island where young girls were likely abused: “That island was really a cesspool, there’s no question about it, just ask Prince Andrew – he’ll tell you about it.”

Will Prince Andrew finally be held accountable for his actions with Epstein? Only time will tell.