It’s On: Trump Calls for Instant Debate!

Donald Trump isn’t waiting for the Republican nomination; he’s eager to face off with President Joe Biden on the debate stage right away.

During his appearance on The Dan Bongino Show, Trump emphasized the urgency of debates between him and Biden, stressing it’s for the nation’s benefit.

Biden quickly responded to Trump’s call for debates, insinuating that Trump’s interest in debating him stemmed from having “nothing else to do,” a thinly veiled attempt to undermine Trump’s priorities.

Despite facing minimal competition in the Republican primary, Trump faces legal battles. However, he acknowledges the eventual showdown with Biden in the general election, prompting discussions on debates addressing crucial national issues.

While the major party candidates seem set, the prospect of debates remains uncertain. Trump avoided primary debates, citing little gain. Moreover, the Republican National Committee’s withdrawal from the Commission on Presidential Debates raises questions about the format and participation in future debates.

Biden’s campaign hasn’t committed to future debates, prioritizing campaign infrastructure. Quentin Fulks, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, indicated a need to assess the schedule before committing to debates.