HUGE Ruling – Trump Crushed AGAIN

Trump’s Hush-Money Trial Ends, But Legal Woes Continue: Gag Order Stays Firm

Former President Donald Trump’s hush-money trial in Manhattan has come to a close, but don’t think for a second that his legal drama is over. Even before the trial began, Judge Juan Merchan slapped a gag order on Trump, barring him from attacking witnesses, court staff and their families, jurors, and some of the prosecution team. Unsurprisingly, Trump violated the order at least ten times, earning fines for each offense. Now, the state’s high court has weighed in.

On Tuesday, June 18, the New York Court of Appeals dismissed Trump’s challenge to the gag order with a simple one-line statement: his appeal lacked a “substantial constitutional question.” That means the gag order stands firm, even though the case itself is done and dusted. Trump is still barred from making comments based on the original order, which Judge Merchan issued on March 26. His team has tried multiple times to get the gag order lifted, arguing it violated his First Amendment rights, but to no avail.
In early June, Trump’s legal team submitted a motion to remove the gag order, citing the case’s conclusion. As of now, Merchan has not issued a public ruling on this latest attempt.

On May 30, a jury found Trump guilty of 34 felony charges for covering up hush-money payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep the alleged affair under wraps during his 2016 campaign. Trump is set for sentencing on July 11 and faces potential prison time and hefty fines. However, it’s more likely he’ll receive a lighter sentence, such as probation or home detention—though even house arrest could seriously hinder his efforts to campaign in the lead-up to the next election.

Trump, ever the fighter, has vowed to appeal the decision, but he can’t file a motion to do so until sentencing is complete. And let’s not forget, this case is just one of several legal battles he’s currently facing in both federal and state courts.

So, what’s next for Trump? The former president’s legal troubles continue to pile up, and the gag order’s persistence means he’ll have to watch his words more carefully than ever—something he’s not exactly known for.

This ongoing legal saga is a stark reminder that while Trump’s presidency may be over, his influence and the controversies surrounding him are far from fading. As we approach the next election cycle, all eyes will be on how these legal battles play out and what impact they’ll have on his political ambitions. Stay tuned, folks. The Trump drama is far from over.