Game-Changing Verdict: Censorship Defenders Stunned by Judge’s Order!

In recent events, those in power are no longer hiding their actions. They have come to justify censorship as a national need, tagging it as a way to eliminate false information. In their view, anything that goes against the government’s viewpoint becomes “false.”

A federal judge in Louisiana, however, has challenged them. The judge has stirred a hornet’s nest by prohibiting all communications between government bodies and social media platforms. The authorities believed that the First Amendment had lost its vigor.

So who are we talking about? The “they” are unelected officials from various agencies supported by mainstream media. These entities have reacted vehemently against the surprising injunction in the Missouri v. Biden case, dismissing it as a conservative scheme.

They highlight that the judge is a Trump appointee and hence biased, with his main concerns being conservative issues. They also claim that right-wing groups have long protested about their social media voices being silenced, but they argue these complaints have no merit. They have continuously attacked with exaggerations and veiled insults.

The Washington Post, a known proponent of pandemic responses like lockdowns and vaccinations, recently ran a headline about the State Department canceling Facebook meetings due to the judge’s ‘censorship’ ruling. Using quotes around censorship suggests the Post’s endorsement of suppressing contrary ideas.

The question that arises, however, is how many American citizens are honestly bothered that the State Department won’t be dictating Facebook’s censorship decisions anymore. Likely, only a fraction.

For many, it’s becoming apparent that powerful political entities have subtly influenced the social media platform they love to use for sharing family photos and celebratory moments. And this has especially been the case during the COVID years. The Post seems upset that this may soon end.

Social media was initially created to give a platform to all voices and to break down the monopoly of opinions. The common man could challenge and correct mainstream media narratives for the first time. But Big Media despises this.

For years, the mainstream press has amplified government agendas. They have established a symbiotic relationship with the Deep State, with the New York Times foreign policy desk taking cues from the State Department, for instance. These relationships have been beneficial for reporters and bureaucrats alike.

With social media, this tightly controlled narrative faced a threat. The pandemic response became the perfect chance to control this competing source of information. As mainstream media outlets parroted government lines, they found that users on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn were not necessarily in agreement.

So the government stepped in, coercing these companies to regulate posts and even ban certain accounts. The Washington Post acknowledges this, stating that partnerships between Silicon Valley and Washington have deepened since 2017, especially during the pandemic.

This isn’t surprising for those fighting for the right to voice the truth amid widespread lies. Many have tried to expose this collusion for years. And now, the Post admits it outright, arguing that this is a good thing.

Interestingly, they don’t even pretend to respect the First Amendment anymore. They seek to control public opinion. Their intentions are a serious threat to a free society.

The judge’s order targets social media, stopping agencies like the FDA from influencing social media content. The Biden administration is contesting the judge’s decision. They are essentially defending their right to silence your voice. Please let that sink in.

On another front, the administration is still battling the Florida mask decision that liberated you from mandatory masking on public transport. Now, the mask’s natural symbolism emerges: it was a way to silence you.

The day after the Missouri v. Biden decision, Mark Zuckerberg launched his Twitter competitor, “Threads.” It seems to be an attempt to seize social media control from users and hand it back to the Deep State. This battle for control is the crucial fight of our time. As users, we must be vigilant.