Fetterman Drops BOMBSHELL Statement During Live Interview!

In recent weeks, pro-Palestine and anti-Israel protests have disrupted several college campuses across the nation. As the situation escalated, university officials sought assistance from local law enforcement to restore order. In response to the sometimes violent and unruly crowds, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) urged President Joe Biden to deploy National Guard troops to disperse the protesters. Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) also criticized the pro-Palestine supporters, arguing that their actions were not achieving anything.

In a May 5 interview on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” host Margaret Brennan discussed Fetterman’s ongoing criticism of the demonstrations. She referenced his recent statement that while staging protests is “a great American value,” he believed that “living in a pup tent for Hamas” was not helping to resolve the situation in Gaza.

When asked if displaying the Palestinian flag was anti-Semitic, Fetterman disagreed but maintained that these protests have not been beneficial. He pointed out the irony that the student protests were actually hindering peace efforts in the Middle East, as they were not advocating for a cease-fire. Fetterman highlighted Israel’s recent “very valid” offer to end the violence, which Hamas has thus far rejected.

Fetterman suggested that if students truly want to make a difference, they should demand that Hamas accept Israel’s cease-fire offer. He argued that if the Sunni Islamist group were to agree to Israel’s terms, it would put an end to the ongoing chaos and trauma in Gaza caused by the conflict between Hamas and the Israel Defense Forces.

When asked if he had an issue with protesters attempting to influence Biden’s foreign policy, Fetterman, after some cross-talk, stated that he believed it was “perfectly normal” to disagree with the president and emphasized the significance of the upcoming presidential election.