Fauci’s Replacement: Meet the New Face of Lockdowns, Medical Fraud, Mask Mandates and Forced Vaccinations

In yet another sinister move that will no doubt be applauded by proponents of the Cvd-19 medical police state, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is set to be taken over by Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo. A fervent supporter of the iron-fisted tactics used during the pandemic, Marrazzo will replace Dr. Anthony Fauci as NIAID’s director, ensuring that the disastrous policies and crimes against humanity perpetrated under Fauci will not only be whitewashed but continue under her watch.

Marrazzo: A Continuation of Failed Public Health Policy. Marrazzo is no stranger to the draconian measures enforced during the Cvd-19 scandal. From pushing for devastating lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing, and forced vaccinations to using terror and fear to control the populace, Marrazzo’s record reeks of tyranny. Her misguided policies have led to a society enslaved to mental illness, destitution, and a never-ending cycle of medical fraud, including the relentless push for endless clot shot booster jabs.

Currently, Marrazzo directs the University of Alabama School of Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases. Soon, she will control the NIAID’s massive $6.3 billion budget and guide 21 laboratories, including the Vaccine Research Center, potentially leading us further down the path of destruction.

In 2021, Marrazzo issued an “apocalyptic” warning about surging Covid-19 cases and a supposed ICU bed shortage. Conveniently, an investigation into this shortage and the underlying causes never materialized, overshadowing the failures and dangers of the vaccines themselves.

Praise from NIH, But to What End? The National Institutes of Health (NIH) acting director, Dr. Lawrence Tabak, had nothing but praise for Dr. Marrazzo. He eagerly anticipates her joining the NIH leadership team. But with her record of oppression and failure, what exactly is there to look forward to?

A Continuation of Destruction. Marrazzo’s reign at the NIAID promises nothing new. Her public health advice during the Cvd-19 crisis did nothing but mentally and physically oppress ordinary people. Her rhetoric on masks and social distancing was nothing but propaganda, misleading the public about the efficacy of face masks and perpetuating the social distancing sham.

Every piece of “expert” advice during the Cvd-19 scandal turned out to be harmful to individuals’ mental, social, spiritual, and physical well-being. The litany of restrictions, coercion, abuse, threats, and the use of what amounts to biological weapons via needles has had tragic consequences. None of the NIAID’s measures worked, and the Fauci-Marrazzo regime has not saved a single life. It’s all been a ruse, a cruel and relentless attack on human rights and freedoms.

Dr. Marrazzo’s appointment is a distressing sign that “The Science” will continue to destroy lives, no matter who is at the helm. The very foundations of our society and our humanity are at stake, and the future looks grim under Marrazzo’s stewardship. Accountability seems a distant dream, leaving us to wonder if justice will ever be served for the real victims of the misguided, brutal policies of petty dictators like Fauci and Marrazzo.