Fastest Growing Development in America: “60 Sq. Miles of Illegal Alien Housing”

A vast expanse of Texan land, equivalent in size to Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital, has raised alarm among critics who claim it’s turning into a massive resettlement zone for illegal alien “migrants” entering the United States.

Nestled near Plum Grove, a small town in Liberty County just north of Houston, this resettlement zone, named Colony Ridge, is swiftly becoming an illegal alien colony, which has raised concerns among experts and elected officials who fear it could become a strategic asset for cartels.

Spanning over 60 square miles, Colony Ridge is currently home to an estimated population ranging from 50,000 to 75,000, and it’s expanding rapidly, partly due to a strategic marketing plan targeting Texas’ Hispanic population.

Colony Ridge is not far from the opulent Woodlands development on the outskirts of the Houston metropolitan area, known for its luxurious homes and lavish pools. Only a short flight away from the Woodlands, Colony Ridge is described as a place filled with “half-built homes, dilapidated trailers, and heaps of trash” by the Daily Wire.

During a recent helicopter assessment, many houses were observed displaying foreign flags, while addresses were marked on spray-painted pieces of plywood. Some structures were under construction, others unfinished and seemingly abandoned. Stray dogs without collars roamed the underdeveloped streets.

Despite these poor living conditions reminiscent of third-world countries, Colony Ridge is experiencing explosive growth. It’s evolving into a vast network of roundabouts and endless streets without sidewalks, with numerous empty plots awaiting development.

The property’s edges are dotted with construction vehicles, clearing the surrounding forest to make way for further expansion. Developer William “Trey” Harris is behind Colony Ridge’s development, which now surpasses the land area of cities like Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Asheville, North Carolina.

What sets Colony Ridge apart is its financing arrangement that allows illegal aliens to purchase land in Texas. Unlike American citizens who must demonstrate good credit and income for a home loan, illegal aliens in Colony Ridge can bypass these requirements.

They don’t even need to provide a social security number (SSN) to qualify. This unique treatment permits illegal immigrants to establish roots in Texas, with buyers often required to pay only a minimal down payment, often as low as a “few hundred dollars.”

This advantageous financing scheme, arranged directly by the developer, circumvents traditional mortgages and aids the expansion of Colony Ridge, raising concerns about its implications and long-term consequences.