DYSTOPIAN NIGHTMARE: Oncoming Wave of Control

We are living in unprecedented times. The daily scenes of covid lockdowns, vaccine discussions, alleged government censorship, and financial restrictions seem to cast a shadow of control over our lives. What’s more daunting is that, if unchecked, this could worsen.

In today’s examination, we delve into ten potential scenarios that could unfold if this apparent control continues to gain ground. Our focus is to explore the importance of maintaining our privacy, dignity and securing our future.

The world stands at a crossroads today. On one side is a future under an overbearing, technology-driven rule. Conversely, there’s the option of choosing decentralized finance, upholding free speech, endorsing rational thinking, and abiding by the rule of law.

Here are ten startling scenarios that might become a reality if we don’t stand against these controlling tendencies. The list starts with milder outcomes and gradually descends into darker predictions.

The Unfolding of a Dark Future if Unchecked Tyranny Continues

  1. There may be a ban on cryptocurrencies, silver, and gold. All transactions must go through a government-controlled system, including Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Participation in a CBDC could become a requirement for tax payments, grocery shopping, and receiving a Universal Basic Income (UBI). All purchases could be monitored and controlled to influence behavior.
  2. Our access to food, especially meat, might get limited based on our compliance with cultural and climate norms. We may be restricted to an approved calorie intake, and some food items might become limited due to climate concerns.
  3. We might be compelled to align our beliefs with the government narrative, with penalties and censorship for those who resist.
  4. Growing food, saving seeds, or raising backyard chickens might require government licenses. These could compel us to use genetically modified seeds and vaccinate farm animals regularly.
  5. There might be restrictions on purchasing self-defense items, leaving us vulnerable in the face of lawlessness.
  6. There could be disturbing interventions in our children’s lives, with the state making critical decisions about their welfare.
  7. Our homes need to be installed with government-monitored surveillance systems to keep tabs on our activities.
  8. Traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles might get banned. Meanwhile, our home electricity usage could be limited, controlling when and how much we can charge electric cars.
  9. Our jobs might get replaced by AI systems or robots, with a UBI system coming into play to support the jobless. However, the ability to access these benefits might be tied to fulfilling specific medical requirements.
  10. Those who grant unlimited real-time access to their device microphones and cameras to “fact checkers” and “public safety enforcers” might receive additional UBI benefits. This could turn people into walking surveillance systems.