Biden Family Tangled Web: Unraveling The Mystery

James Comer, the House Oversight Chairman, spoke on Thursday, stating that he believes there is proof of the Biden family receiving millions of dollars in unlawful funds from people in other countries.

Speaking on Fox Business, Comer shared, We are still receiving more bank documents. The figure is already over $10 million this week but will eventually reach between $20 and $30 million.

Comer added that the evidence is leading toward a possibility of serious misconduct by the Bidens. This includes accepting bribes, using influence for personal gain, and even washing money.
It will be difficult for Biden to justify this. It won’t just disappear. Mainstream media will soon start digging deeper, said Comer.

Comer expressed that everyone realizes that something is not right here. “The allegations seem valid given Joe Biden’s position and what we’ve seen him confess on tape earlier about sacking a prosecutor,” he continued.

There’s a suspicion that this family set up fake businesses and were involved in washing money and making a profit off Joe Biden’s influence. The media is aware of this – they’re just not reporting on it, Comer confirmed.

I want to assure everyone: we will be able to find more money transferred between the Biden family and people from other countries, Comer reinforced. I expect that mainstream media will look harder at Joe Biden and ask tough questions: ‘What exactly did your family do to receive all this money?’

During this time, Biden seemed irritated with New York Post reporter Steven Nelson when he started asking questions about this issue.