Biden Administration Considers Mass Vaccination Campaign Amid Avian Influenza Pandemic

With support from Big Pharma executives, the Biden administration is reportedly exploring the possibility of launching a widespread vaccination campaign in response to an avian influenza pandemic that has caused millions of chicken deaths in the US. This move is raising concerns among citizens and health experts alike.

While there is currently no proof to suggest that bird flu, scientifically known as H5N1, poses a significant threat to humans, experts warn that the virus has the potential to mutate and spread from person to person.

However, President Joe Biden seems to be more concerned about the economic impact of the avian influenza pandemic than its potential threat to public health. As The New York Times reported, Biden is worried about the soaring cost of eggs and the general inflation rate in the country, which could jeopardize his re-election prospects. To address this, he believes that a mass vaccination campaign could ease the burden on households and boost his political fortunes.

Zoetis, the bird flu vaccine manufacturer, is led by CEO Kristin Peck, a former Pfizer executive. Peck served as Pfizer’s Executive Vice President of Worldwide Business Development and Innovation before joining Zoetis in 2012. She is also a director on the board at Blackrock, Inc., having been nominated to the board in September 2021.

It’s worth noting that Pfizer split off from Zoetis in 2013, and the latter is now a separate entity.

The prospect of a mass vaccination campaign, particularly in light of Pfizer’s controversial COVID-19 vaccine rollout, is raising concerns among Americans about the safety and efficacy of such a program. The potential conflict of interest posed by Peck’s ties to Zoetis and Pfizer is also a cause for concern.