Global Shift: UN’s Chilling Power Play!

In a massive step towards global unity, the United Nations (UN) is getting ready to launch a comprehensive plan that would give it the authority to guide all countries during significant worldwide crises, such as a new pandemic.

According to The Federalist, this plan will be finalized at the ‘Summit of the Future event in September 2024. Here, the UN will approve a new agreement called the ‘Pact for the Future.’ This pact will include several strategies from the UN’s ‘Our Common Agenda’ report.

A vital part of this agreement is creating an “emergency platform.” This platform would kick in during any large-scale events affecting the entire world. Its main goal is to lead an international response focusing on fairness and cooperation.

Details about this emergency platform were shared in a document published in March. In this paper, the UN Secretary-General stated that he proposes the General Assembly should give the UN and himself the power to set up this emergency platform automatically in case of a significant global crisis.

The document lists several scenarios that could call this emergency platform into action. These situations include a significant weather event, risks of a future pandemic, a massive disruption to global digital connections, a significant incident in outer space, and unexpected or sudden ‘black swan’ events.

The UN’s proposed role would be supervising various global “stakeholders,” such as scholars, governments, businesses, and international financial institutions. The goal is to ensure a coordinated, global reaction to any declared crisis.

The document also implies that this new authority would make sure everyone involved pledges meaningful contributions and holds them responsible for delivering on these promises.

While the proposed emergency power will initially have a set time limit, the paper suggests that the UN could extend it indefinitely if necessary.

The Federalist highlights that the Biden Administration has supported this proposal several times. Reporter Justin Haskins warns that if this emergency platform is approved, it could significantly change the United States as we currently know it.