Website Joe Biden Doesn’t Want You to See

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the influential and deep-pocketed fiscally conservative grassroots network founded by the billionaire Koch Brothers, is launching a new eight-figure campaign aimed at highlighting what it perceives as the “harmful impact” of President Biden’s economic policies on Americans.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a freshly unveiled website,, dubbed after the president’s economic agenda and philosophy.

According to AFP, their website “will serve as a real-time resource for the truth on Bidenomics, up to date information about the economy, and fact checks of Biden’s latest misleading rhetoric on the economy.”

The announcement, shared exclusively with Fox News on Monday, precedes Thursday’s highly anticipated State of the Union address by the president.

As Biden gears up to tout his achievements, including his economic policies, in the upcoming speech, AFP’s vice president of government affairs, Akash Chougule, contends that “President Biden will try to paint a rosy picture about Bidenomics in his State of the Union this week, but it’s no use pretending high prices are someone else’s fault. The reality is that everything costs more due to President Biden’s big government spending binge.”

AFP asserts that it “is throwing significant weight” behind its “accountability efforts to define the true impact of Bidenomics and force lawmakers to own their support of it.”

The group reveals that their campaign will commence with an ad blitz in the nation’s capital, incorporating physical ads at metro stops, mobile billboards, and digital targeting ahead of the State of the Union address.

This initiative, AFP claims, will extend into the autumn with additional rounds of digital and connected TV ads in five key Senate states, 26 crucial Congressional districts, as well as in Washington D.C. Moreover, digital and mail outreach, door knocking, phone calls, and grassroots events across the country are in the pipeline.

While the nation’s economic indicators and job growth have shown resilience during the Biden presidency, inflation surged during his initial years in office and continues to be a concern.

Despite indications of a gradually improving economy and personal financial situations, Biden’s economic handling still faces criticism. According to a recent Fox News national poll conducted from Feb. 25-28, the president’s approval rating on handling the economy stands at 37%, with disapproval at 62%.

“Bidenomics is working,” Biden asserted last June during a series of economic speeches. “Bidenomics is about building an economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not the top down.”

The president has emphasized three fundamental changes in his economic policies: “First, making smart investments in America. Second, educating and empowering American workers to grow the middle class. And third, promoting competition, to lower costs to help small businesses.”

However, a new AFP ad as part of its campaign showcases snippets of news reports highlighting rising prices and economic discontent among Americans, urging viewers to “tell Joe Biden and his allies in Congress we’ve had enough of Bidenomics.”