VIDEO: Kamala’s “Greatest Hits” of Stupidity

Vice President Kamala Harris has had her fair share of awkward moments since taking office in 2021, mostly because she sometimes says things that even she doesn’t understand.

Just last week, during her trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, a hilarious video of her clapping along with local musicians went viral. The catch? She had no clue what they were singing!

But wait, there’s more! At a community center in San Juan, she met some protesters who called her a “war criminal.” Yikes! They were upset with both the U.S. and Israel about something they called a “genocide” in Gaza. Some people even think the Biden administration has been too friendly with Israel.

A band played music as she arrived, and she started nodding and clapping like a happy little bird. But then an aide whispered sweet nothings in her ear, and she stopped moving to the beat. Apparently, the lyrics were like, “Hey Kamala, why are you here? Free Palestine and Haiti, yo!”

During her trip, she also visited a home that Hurricane Maria had messed up. It was fixed with money from the government. She tried to make it sound like a big win for the Biden team.

“We need to give these people resources,” she said, and then dropped the big number: “Our administration has thrown over $140 billion at Puerto Rico.”

Well, at least she’s trying, right?