VIDEO: Best Biden Blunders and Lies!

In his latest gaffe-ridden speech in Wisconsin this Tuesday, Joe Biden seemed to take a detour from reality, dishing out fabricated tales while conveniently dodging pressing questions from reporters regarding the Maui situation.

Adding salt to the wounds of East Palestine, Ohio’s hopeful residents, Biden’s flight directly soared over their town. Remember, this is the very place he vowed to visit just five months ago. Yet, like many of his promises, that too seems forgotten.

When he arrived, he grandad jogged to show his virility but refused to engage with reporters:

He arrived at a factory and acted like he had no clue where he was:

When it was time for Biden to get on stage he was no where to be found:

The ‘speech’ went downhill from there:

“I’ve been to too many disaster areas”

“We, the United States, invented those semiconductors”

Attempt at insulting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott:

When he did manage to get sentences out, they were just complete bald faced lies:

Biden says Bidenomics “is working”:

“In case you haven’t noticed, inflation is down”:

The MAGA view is to shut down the operation in America and send it overseas!”:

Biden is just making stuff up:

The usual BS made up stories came out:

He claimed that he watched a bridge in Pittsburgh collapse. WTF?

And at the end he obviously got lost again!