Twitter’s New Verification System Sparks Controversy

On April 20, 2023, Twitter CEO Elon Musk rolled out a new verification system that has stirred controversy among Twitter users, especially journalists and public figures. The previous system of granting the coveted “verified” blue checkmark to only those deemed worthy was replaced with a new version that grants the checkmark to anyone willing to become a paid subscriber. The move has drawn the ire of many Twitter users, including celebrities and public figures who lost their blue checkmark verification status.

The Controversy Over Twitter’s New Verification System. Many Twitter users, including Alyssa Milano and Bette Midler, have expressed their outrage over the new verification system. Milano expressed concern that revoking her blue checkmark because she refused to pay an arbitrary fee could result in someone else impersonating her and spreading false information under her name. Midler also criticized the new system, claiming that it forces users who have contributed significantly to the platform to pay monthly fees to maintain their verification status.

The response to Midler’s criticism was mixed, with some Twitter users mocking her and others expressing sympathy. Catturd, a prominent Twitter account, dismissed Midler’s complaints and stated that her tears were “delicious” and tasted like ice cream.

Leftist journalist Dan Rather also weighed in on the controversy, stating that the new verification system proves that “you can’t buy class, but you can buy a blue checkmark.” MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough and his panel of political pundits discussed the potential problems that the new verification system could cause, including concerns that fraudsters may create fake government accounts to deceive unsuspecting users.

Impact on Verified Twitter Accounts. Several news outlets, including MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN, reportedly lost their verified status once the new rule went into effect. Other accounts that lost their blue checkmarks include high-profile figures like Kim Kardashian, Bill Gates, Beyonce, Pope Francis, former President Donald Trump, and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, according to CNN.