Trump’s $62M Evangelical Power Play

Former President Donald Trump continues to rally strong support from Republican voters, particularly among evangelical Christians, as he gears up for a potential third presidential nomination bid.

This week, the conservative evangelical organization announced a significant plan, allocating $62 million to bolster voter turnout in support of Trump, marking a $10 million increase from their 2020 efforts.

Led by Ralph Reed, the organization plans to channel much of this investment into direct outreach initiatives, including voter registration drives, door-to-door canvassing, and extensive phone call and text campaigns. Additionally, they intend to distribute millions of informational materials to churchgoers in pivotal swing states, amplifying their engagement in the electoral process.

Reed emphasizes that the organization’s grassroots efforts represent one of the largest endeavors on the conservative spectrum, rivaling even the Republican National Committee’s outreach.

Despite some evangelical concerns regarding Trump’s personal life, Reed underscores the former president’s unwavering stance on issues such as abortion, which has solidified his support within this demographic.

Financial reports highlight Trump’s need for the influx of funding, particularly as he faces a formidable opponent in President Joe Biden, who holds a significant advantage in campaign finances.

While concerns linger over the Republican National Committee’s spending practices, Reed acknowledges the urgent need to bridge the financial gap, emphasizing the crucial role his organization aims to play in bolstering conservative candidates’ electoral prospects.