Teen Heroes Save Kids: Courageous Act

In a testament to youthful heroism, two teenage students sprang into action to rescue children trapped inside an overturned school bus amidst a heavy snowstorm in Madison, Wisconsin.

The harrowing incident unfolded in Dane County, near Roxbury, around 4 p.m. earlier this week, along County Highway V. Dane County Dispatch reported that the bus, carrying young students, skidded off the highway due to the intense snowfall.

Despite the chaos, 13-year-old Ryder and his 14-year-old sister Shelby Falkenstein acted swiftly to assist the stranded children in evacuating the bus, which had begun emitting smoke.

Recalling the ordeal to WMTV, Ryder shared, “I hear the bus driver scream and say, ‘Oh no.’ I look up, I see swerving like we were moving back and forth. All of a sudden, we were turning and then we fell. I was a little nauseous.”

Maintaining composure amidst the rising smoke, Ryder promptly opened the emergency hatch on the bus roof and began helping other students to safety. “I started just pulling kids out. I got like four kids out of the bus. And then we just walked over to the road,” he recounted.

Meanwhile, Shelby demonstrated quick thinking by immediately dialing 911 for assistance, underscoring the importance of remaining calm during crises to aid others effectively.

While the exact count of students aboard the bus remains unclear, Sauk City Fire and EMS responders arrived at the scene and reported only minor injuries.

The incident occurred amid a severe snowstorm sweeping across the Midwest, bringing substantial snowfall to northern Wisconsin, with reports of up to 10 inches of accumulation in certain areas.