Star Comedian SAVES Biden? SHOCKING Take!

In a stunning display of mental gymnastics and comedic bias, Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s “Real Time,” has come to the defense of President Joe Biden amidst a mountain of viral videos showcasing the President’s numerous gaffes. Maher, with his usual blend of sarcasm and misplaced confidence, insists that despite the overwhelming evidence, Biden is still capable of doing the job.

During Friday’s panel discussion, Maher attempted to downplay a series of clips that have been widely circulated by conservatives. These videos, ranging from the G7 Summit to Juneteenth celebrations, show Biden in less-than-flattering light. Maher specifically mentioned a video from the D-Day commemoration where Biden is seen simply sitting down, a task Maher equates to normal behavior in a church setting. But let’s face it, when the President of the United States can’t stand for a significant event, it’s more than just “something a lot of people do in church.”

Maher also addressed a video featuring a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, where the First Lady Jill Biden was also present. Biden was accused of having a rather embarrassing mishap—“pooping his pants”—a claim Maher dismissed with his signature smirk, emphasizing that while Biden might be second in the polls, this particular incident wasn’t the reason why.

Then there’s the Juneteenth video where Biden appears to freeze up. Maher’s defense? Biden is 82 and shouldn’t be expected to dance around like everyone else, suggesting that trying to keep up with the festivities would make him look foolish. Well, Mr. Maher, it’s not about dancing skills but the glaring fact that the leader of the free world seems incapable of engaging in simple social interactions without a hitch.

Continuing his comedy routine disguised as serious commentary, Maher argued that the frequent criticisms of Biden “wandering off like a mental patient” are baseless. He contended that the Democrats need to better communicate that Biden, despite his age, retains his mental faculties.

Maher’s adamant defense of Biden’s cognitive abilities is laughable at best. Biden’s frequent missteps, both literal and verbal, have been a source of concern and ridicule, yet Maher would have us believe that all is well. If Biden’s mental state is as sharp as Maher claims, then perhaps the bar for presidential competence has been lowered to new depths.

In summary, Bill Maher’s desperate attempts to shield President Biden from criticism only highlight the obvious—Biden’s numerous gaffes and questionable moments are not figments of conservative imagination but legitimate concerns. While Maher may find solace in his comedic downplaying, the American public remains acutely aware of the glaring shortcomings of their Commander-in-Chief. As the election season heats up, the Democrats have a tough task ahead in convincing voters that their candidate is fit for office, despite the endless reel of evidence suggesting otherwise.