Secret “OVERPOPULATION” Meeting with Gates, George Soros, Oprah…

Patricia Q. Stonesifer, the freshly appointed CEO of The Washington Post, recently took part in a confidential assembly of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Their Plan? To brainstorm how to utilize their substantial fortunes to moderate the fast-paced growth of Earth’s overpopulation.

High-profile news outlets like The Times of London and NBC News validated Stonesifer’s presence at this covert conference concerning “population balance.” Other billionaires with similar goals were Accompanying her: Bill Gates, David Rockefeller Sr., Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, CNN founder Ted Turner, and even TV superstar Oprah Winfrey. They are all part of an elite group called as “the Good Club,” established in 2009.

In simpler terms: The secret meeting had one clear agreement – controlling the rapid population growth is a “must.” One suggested way is to use “vaccine programs” provided by the Universal Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, led by Bill Gates, also known as GAVI.

According to Gates, through “improved reproductive healthcare,” the global population could be maintained at about 8.3 billion, or even potentially reduced, using targeted health campaigns and vaccination drives.

Stonesifer’s connection with this grand project stems from her previous collaboration with Gates at Microsoft, where she assisted in the launch of MSNBC in the 90s. She also played a vital role in the founding of the renowned Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and even worked with a relative of Joe Biden during her tenure at Microsoft.

Stonesifer and Gates share a similar vision – to use their wealth and influence for global impact. Through his foundation, Gates has been a staunch supporter of organizations like the Planned Parenthood Federation, advocating for the right to safe reproductive healthcare worldwide.

Notably, Gates strongly criticized last year’s overturning of the Roe v. Wade ruling. This seems to indicate the path many liberals plan to follow in response to the increasing prohibition of abortion rights in several states and globally.

In sum, the attendees of this secret meeting, including Stonesifer, have collectively contributed over $72.5 billion since 1996. However, the goal of their donations isn’t simply philanthropy – it is to shape the future of the global population.

Despite this, many mainstream media outlets label these influential figures “philanthropists.” Yet, it’s important to note that their actions may benefit them as much as others., a website focusing on Irish American issues, reported that each “philanthropist” was allocated 15 minutes to discuss their vision of the future global economy and philanthropic priorities at this meeting.

Also present at this meeting was Eli Broad, a property investor; Julian H. Robertson Jr., a hedge fund manager; and Stonesifer, the former CEO of the Gates Foundation.

While some critics may denounce the participants’ intentions, it’s clear these billionaires are wielding their power to shape the future. Their motivations and actions continue to impact our world as we engage with their newspapers, visit their websites, and support their foundations. Therefore, we must critically examine their initiatives.