Secret Moves – Biden Admin Tries To BLOCK Trump!

The Biden administration, in a desperate attempt to cling to power and protect their precious National Institutes of Health (NIH), is resorting to underhanded tactics to thwart former President Donald Trump’s potential reforms. It seems that the mere thought of Trump winning re-election in November has sent the left into a tailspin of panic and paranoia.

Enter Lyric Jorgenson, the NIH’s designated scientific integrity official, who has taken it upon herself to prevent Trump from “interfering and manipulating science to hit a partisan agenda.” Because apparently, the NIH’s $40 billion annual budget is only meant to fund research that aligns with the left’s progressive ideology. Heaven forbid that any dissenting opinions or alternative approaches be considered!

Jorgenson, in her infinite wisdom, has decided that the best way to protect the NIH’s integrity is to establish a scientific integrity council to review potential cases of political meddling. I’m sure this council will be composed of only the most unbiased and objective individuals, carefully selected to ensure that any research that doesn’t fit the liberal narrative is swiftly suppressed.

But the Biden administration’s efforts to fortify their scientific stronghold don’t stop there. They’re also calling on other health agencies, like the FDA and CDC, to strengthen their own scientific integrity plans. Because we all know how well those agencies have performed during the pandemic, with their consistent messaging and unwavering commitment to the truth. Oh, wait…

Enter the voice of reason: Roger Severino, a former Trump administration official who served at the Department of Health and Human Services. Severino, now at the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank, boldly declares that the “NIH is ripe for drastic reform.” He sees right through the Biden administration’s ploy, recognizing that these so-called integrity plans are nothing more than a way to protect scientists who push a progressive agenda.

But Severino isn’t the only one sounding the alarm. Joel Zinberg, another Trump ally who worked on health policy on the Council of Economic Advisers, calls the NIH “an entrenched political organization.” Zinberg envisions a Trump administration that would “decentralize the power” of the NIH, making it a more democratic process. What a novel concept – allowing a diversity of ideas and approaches in scientific research!

Of course, the left will undoubtedly cry foul, claiming that any attempts to reform the NIH are an attack on science itself. They’ll paint Trump and his allies as anti-science zealots who want to drag us back to the Dark Ages. But the truth is, the real threat to scientific integrity comes from those who seek to silence dissent and push a singular, politically-motivated agenda.

The Biden administration’s efforts to insulate the NIH from potential reforms are a clear indication of their fear and desperation. They know that their grip on the scientific establishment is tenuous at best, and that the American people are growing increasingly skeptical of the so-called “experts” who have been wrong time and time again throughout the pandemic.

So, as we look ahead to the 2024 election, let us not be fooled by the left’s attempts to protect their scientific fiefdom. Let us instead embrace the opportunity for real reform and a more open, transparent, and democratic approach to scientific research. And if that means a little political meddling from the likes of Donald Trump, well, so be it. After all, it can’t be any worse than the partisan hackery we’ve seen from the NIH and its ilk under the Biden administration.