Russian President Putin’s Ongoing Push to Take Over Ukraine

Despite losing hundreds of thousands of troops to injuries and death, Russian President Vladimir Putin is showing no signs of backing down from his aggressive stance toward Ukraine. A recent report from Newsmax suggests that Putin may be attempting to gather an additional 400,000 troops for the ongoing conflict.

According to Newsmax, sources close to the situation believe that the Kremlin is planning to add close to half a million troops to its ranks by 2025. The Russian government is encouraging men to ensure that their military records are up-to-date and to participate in training exercises. However, Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, denied any new mobilizations, stating that the record updates are a “common practice.”

The recent surge in the number of troops under Russian President Putin’s command is indeed worrying. However, the Washington-based Institute of War’s Russian campaign update, released on March 19, argues that the addition of further forces in future mobilization waves is unlikely to produce a significantly different outcome this year. The report also suggests that Ukraine is well-positioned to mount counter-offensives in key sectors of the current frontline.

Ben Hodges, a former Commanding General of the US Army in Europe who has since retired, agrees with the aforementioned analysis. He suggests that the Russian troops will likely suffer significant attrition rates, leading to their eventual collapse by the end of 2023.

As Russia appears to be mobilizing more troops, NATO is also looking to reinforce its borders with military equipment, stockpiles of weapons, and troops, according to POLITICO. However, NATO will likely face difficulties in persuading each member nation to contribute what they consider to be a fair share. The organization aims to have 300,000 soldiers stationed on its border in the coming months, along with the necessary supplies and funding to mobilize them quickly if necessary.