Rogan Exposes Liberal Media Bias

Joe Rogan, the well-known podcast host, has voiced significant criticism towards the journalistic practices of The New York Times. He portrays the outlet’s journalists as far removed from the average American, acting more like far-left activists than objective reporters.

His critique emerged during a conversation about The New York Times’ effort to connect with its audience through Instagram videos. These videos feature its reporters explaining the topics they cover in the newspaper. Rogan was notably unimpressed by this initiative, criticizing the journalists featured in these segments for embodying what he sees as the detachment and bias of the publication.

Specifically, Rogan took issue with how one male journalist interpreted former President Donald Trump’s remarks about the auto sector and economy. He criticized the journalist for allegedly distorting Trump’s use of the term “bloodbath” to link it unjustly to the Capitol protest on January 6, 2021.

Rogan nostalgically referenced the era of hard-hitting journalism, symbolized by figures like Woodward and Bernstein, known for their investigative work during the Watergate scandal. He contrasted this image with his perception of The New York Times’ staff, whom he dismissed as “ultra hard-Left activists” under the guise of journalism. According to Rogan, the publication’s content is heavily colored by the personal opinions of its reporters, deviating from the ideal of objective journalism.