National Guard Deployed As Government Drops Ball.

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs (D) announced on Friday the deployment of the state’s National Guard to assist law enforcement efforts along the southern border with Mexico. In her statement, Hobbs criticized the federal government for not adequately securing the border and protecting communities in Arizona.

Hobbs emphasized the need for additional resources and manpower to effectively manage the situation at the border, particularly for reopening the Lukeville crossing and handling the influx of migrants. She expressed frustration over the Biden administration’s failure to provide the necessary support to Arizona, despite repeated requests.

Leaders from the National Guard held extensive planning meetings in preparation for this initiative. Captain Erin Hannigan explained that the National Guard would be assisting the Department of Public Safety in a supportive, non-law enforcement capacity. Their role would include administrative tasks to allow law enforcement officers to focus on their frontline duties.

The Tucson Sector of the US Border Patrol experienced a significant increase in unauthorized border crossings last month, with over 700 individuals in a single day. In response, Chief Patrol Agent John Modlin announced a temporary suspension of updates on the sector’s social media accounts, citing the ongoing migration surge as the reason.

Modlin, using X (formerly known as Twitter), communicated the decision to pause social media activity for the Tucson Sector, highlighting the challenging circumstances faced by the Border Patrol.

The activation of the National Guard in Arizona reflects a growing trend of Democratic leaders, along with Republicans, voicing discontent with the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis.

This sentiment was echoed last week by New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D), who, after meeting with President Joe Biden, informed New Yorkers that federal assistance to address the city’s illegal immigrant crisis was not forthcoming.