Intriguing Alliance: Shocking Bid for Trump’s Vice Presidency!

In a recent Newsweek interview, Larry Elder, a popular former conservative radio show host, hinted that he might consider a Vice President role. Although he declared his run for the presidency in April, he expressed willingness to discuss the VP position with ex-President Donald Trump or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis if he fails to win the nomination. Elder aims to secure the presidential nomination, but he’s keeping his options open.

Elder is a self-proclaimed “huge supporter” of Trump, but he’s also raised doubts about Trump’s chances to regain the nomination. His skepticism is linked to a phenomenon he jokingly called “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” suggesting we might need a “vaccine” for it. Additionally, Elder voiced concerns about Trump’s ability to win swing states and questioned whether another candidate might be better for uniting the Republican party.

Elder hasn’t held back in criticizing current President Joe Biden, describing him as in clear “mental decline.” Elder speculates that if Biden didn’t run, Vice President Kamala Harris would be the Democrats’ choice for the candidacy. Elder suggests Harris’s selection was largely due to Democrats’ “fixation” with identity politics.

Elder shed light on that South Carolina, home to the first Democrat primary and 60% Black voters, might bind Biden to Harris as his VP. In Elder’s view, replacing Harris, the first Black female VP, with someone like white male California Governor Gavin Newsom or Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg would alienate South Carolina’s mostly Black and female voters. Elder thinks if Black women voters feel sidelined and stay away from the 2024 election, Biden’s chances to win another term could take a heavy hit.