Hillary’s ‘War Criminal’ Welcome at Alma Mater

During a recent visit to Wellesley College, her alma mater, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton encountered protests from students. Clinton was on campus for an event where a college building was named in her honor, coinciding with her participation in a women-led democracy summit held at the college.

Reports from local media outlets highlighted the tension, noting that some students distributed flyers labeling Clinton as Wellesley’s “most beloved war criminal,” accusing her of having “blood on her hands.” The college administration recognized the protest but chose not to publicly denounce it. Vice President and Dean of Students Sheilah Shaw Horton urged students engaged in activism to adhere to the school’s demonstration policy and maintain respect for the community’s safety.

This instance of protest at Wellesley College is not an isolated incident in Clinton’s experience with campus visits. She previously faced disruptions by protesters during a speech at Columbia University in February, where she was again accused of being a “war criminal.”

The demonstration at Wellesley occurred shortly after Clinton made remarks on the “Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, addressing the dissatisfaction of voters with the choice between former President Trump and President Biden in the current political landscape. Clinton’s blunt advice to voters was to “Get over yourself,” highlighting a stark contrast between the two candidates—one described as “old, effective, and compassionate,” and the other as “old and has been charged with 91 felonies.” Clinton expressed bewilderment at the difficulty of this choice for voters, emphasizing the existential significance of the upcoming election for the country’s future and democracy. Her comments underscore the clear vision she believes is necessary for voters to recognize the stakes of their electoral decisions.