“F–king Crazy” Joe Rogan on Mainstream Media!

In an unflinching take-down on his recent podcast episode, the unfiltered Joe Rogan rips into President Biden, shining a spotlight on the corruption that he argues the mainstream media stubbornly refuses to acknowledge.

Discussing the current state of American politics with author Patrick Bet-David, Rogan draws a sharp contrast between former President Trump and Biden. He defends Trump, asserting, “Whether you like Trump or not, whether you think he’s corrupt or not, that’s a human being. You know what that guy is.” But when it comes to Biden, Rogan pulls no punches.

“Joe Biden has been a goof his whole f—— career. He has always been a goof. He has been caught lying so many times. He is so full of s—,” Rogan declared. “There is so much evidence that he is corrupt.”

Rogan asserts that the evidence for Biden’s “corruption” is irrefutable, pointing to “all the stuff with him and his son,” specifically mentioning Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s business partner, who testified about Biden’s involvement in a number of murky dealings.

Rogan scorns the American media for its glaring failure to hold the Biden family to account, stating, “It’s shockingly clear. The fact that the mainstream news is turning a blind eye, except for right-wing media, is insane.”

Archer, Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner, corroborated Rogan’s argument in his recent interview with the House Oversight Committee. Despite the Biden campaign’s denial, Archer maintained that then-Vice President Joe Biden did attend the infamous spring 2015 dinner with Hunter’s foreign business associates. He described Biden’s personal interactions with him and others, including a representative from Burisma.

In the same interview, Archer divulged how Hunter Biden exploited then-Vice President Biden as “defensive leverage,” parading him as “the brand” offering “capabilities and reach,” as well as a “unique understanding of D.C.”

Joe Rogan’s track record of lambasting Biden as a “crooked career politician” continues unabated. “All the dubious stuff with his son, the connections to Ukraine, China, the money. The family has raked in millions and everyone’s trying to cover it up because, ‘Well, better than Trump. Better than Trump,'” Rogan recalls.

He hypothesizes, “If that guy was a Republican, they’d be investigating him with a fine-tooth comb.”