ESPN Star Rips Democrats on Air

During a discussion on the “PBD Podcast” hosted by entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David, ESPN host Stephen A. Smith expressed disappointment with the Democratic Party, particularly criticizing the ongoing legal challenges against former President Donald Trump.

Smith questioned the purpose of continuous legal actions against Trump, highlighting various charges and investigations that include Letitia James in New York, Fani Willis in Georgia, the Mar-A-Lago case, and a trial concerning payments to a former porn star. Despite identifying as a Democrat and previously criticizing Trump, Smith voiced frustration over his party’s inability to effectively counter Trump, who remains a leading figure within the Republican Party.

Smith reflected on the numerous accusations and legal indictments against Trump over the years, including allegations of Russian collusion and other charges that have yet to significantly impact Trump’s political standing. He noted Trump’s resilience in the face of these challenges, mentioning that Trump has not only avoided arrest but has also seen an increase in campaign funding and polling support.

Expressing embarrassment over the Democratic Party’s failure to present a competitive candidate against Trump since 2016, Smith called the situation “pathetic” and inexcusable. He criticized the party for not finding a viable alternative to compete with Trump, pointing out the age of the current incumbent as a concern.

When asked by Bet-David whether he still hopes for a Democratic victory in 2024, Smith acknowledged the complexity of his feelings, indicating a sense of uncertainty about his preferences for the upcoming election.