DISASTER Unfolds – McDONALD’S DEAL Goes Wrong!

A TikTok video that captured a $25 meal deal at a McDonald’s in Southern California has ignited a flurry of online discussions, connecting the price to the recent increase in the state’s minimum wage. The video, posted by user @shannon_montipaya, highlighted a 40-piece Chicken McNugget meal paired with two large fries, notably excluding a drink.

This video quickly went viral and spurred a mixture of nostalgia and debate among viewers on TikTok about the soaring costs of fast food, especially at McDonald’s. According to FinanceBuzz, prices at the chain have doubled since 2014. The conversation particularly focused on the effects of California’s minimum wage increase for fast-food workers, which recently rose from $16 to $20 per hour. Many users attributed this wage hike to the rising costs of fast-food meals.

Discussions also branched into comparisons of McDonald’s prices across various states, showing significant differences, with many noting lower prices in states outside of California.

While some viewers were startled by the $25 price tag of the meal deal, others argued that when the cost is split per person, it represents reasonable value.

The anticipated wage increase has already led to operational adjustments within the fast-food industry in California, including the reported closures and layoffs at establishments like MOD Pizza.

Responding to the viral discussion, McDonald’s USA clarified that the pricing information reported by FinanceBuzz might not accurately reflect their current pricing strategies. The company pointed out that prices are set by individual franchisees and reiterated their commitment to offering value to customers.