Deadly Showdown: DeSantis Declares No Mercy for Cartel Intruders!

Ron DeSantis, an aspiring contender for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination, has pledged to devise a resolute strategy for U.S. law enforcement at the Southern Border. This firm strategy, he assures, would deter the encroachment of Mexican drug cartels by leaving their members “stone-cold dead.

DeSantis made the “stone cold dead” vow for cartel members. In the last couple of days, DeSantis has twice stated his intention of dealing severely with the cartels – first during a visit to Eagle Pass, a Texas border town, and then at a community meeting in Hollis, New Hampshire.

For more insights into DeSantis’s statements, a video of his comments is provided at the end of this article.

While speaking in Eagle Pass, DeSantis, currently serving as Florida’s governor, painted a vivid picture of the present conditions at the existing wall segments on the U.S.-Mexican Border and detailed how the drug cartels managed to breach them.

“The cartels have managed to slice through these sturdy metal beams, letting their people sneak in through the wall with backpacks. This leaves me wondering, ‘Why would any nation tolerate this?'”, expressed the baffled governor from Florida.

His commitment, if he were to become president, is to bolster U.S. law enforcement to effectively thwart the cartels at the Border.

DeSantis questioned, “We intend to implement solid rules of engagement. Suppose someone tried to break into your home with malicious intent; wouldn’t you retaliate? So why don’t we do the same at the Southern Border?”

He further asserted, “If cartels are audacious enough to tamper with the border wall to smuggle their goods into our country, they’ll find themselves facing fatal consequences. One such instance will ensure that our wall remains undisturbed.”

Echoing this stern stance against organized crime at the Southern Border, DeSantis received applause from the town hall gathering in Hollis, New Hampshire, as reported by FloridaPolitics.

DeSantis stated emphatically, “Any attempt by these cartels to breach and damage our border wall for their smuggling operations will mark their end.”

During his visit to Eagle Pass, DeSantis revealed his uncompromising stance against illegal immigration, which includes ending automatic citizenship for children of illegal immigrants, completing the border wall, and combating the cartels in Mexico.