Biden’s Border Speech Goes Off The Rails

President Biden kicked off his speech during a visit to the southern border in Texas by acknowledging the devastating wildfire in the state’s panhandle and Oklahoma before taking aim at climate change skeptics, whom he referred to as “neanderthals.”

Addressing the crowd in Brownsville, Biden expressed concern about the ongoing wildfire that has wreaked havoc in parts of Texas, leaving more than one million acres destroyed. He emphasized the severity of the situation, comparing the scorched land to an area larger than the entire state of Maryland.

Biden then shifted to the topic of climate change, mocking those who deny its existence. While he didn’t explicitly mention Republicans, he has previously criticized the GOP for disputing the reality of global warming. In November 2023, Biden condemned climate change deniers, warning of the dangerous consequences of ignoring its impacts.

Following his remarks on climate change, Biden criticized Congress for its failure to pass bipartisan border legislation. He expressed disappointment over the derailment of the bill due to what he described as “rank-and-file politics,” urging lawmakers to prioritize national security over political agendas.

Biden called on former President Trump to join him in advocating for the passage of a border security bill, highlighting the urgency of addressing the border crisis. Earlier in the day, both Biden and Trump visited different sections of the border, with Trump characterizing the situation as a “Joe Biden invasion.”