9 Biden family members identified as recipients of foreign cash

The House Committee has recently disclosed that nine individuals from the Biden family have been specified as beneficiaries of funds from foreign sources. This revelation, communicated by Rep. James Comer (R-KY) during a press conference held on May 10, has elicited inquiries and apprehensions regarding potential instances of impact peddling and conflicts of interest.

Rep. Comer openly identified six individuals from the Biden family who were direct recipients of foreign funds during the press conference. These included Hunter Biden, James Biden, Sara Biden (wife of James), Hallie Biden (widow of Hunter’s late brother Beau), Kathleen Buhle (Hunter’s former spouse), and Melissa Cohen (Hunter’s present wife). Furthermore, Comer disclosed that 3 children belonging to President Joe Biden’s son and brother also received foreign funds. These individuals were specifically identified as James Jr., Caroline, and Nicholas.

It is important to highlight that Rep. Comer didn’t mention Frank Biden, Joe Biden’s elder brother, and his two daughters during the press conference. However, an assistant to the Kentucky congressman indicated that there is a possibility of additional family members of Biden receiving foreign funds.

Sources of Foreign Money. During the press conference, Rep. Comer provided bank records that unveiled two notable origins of the foreign funds received by the Bidens. The first source pertained to Gabriel Popoviciu, a Romanian businessman, who transferred $80,000 to the Biden family. Popoviciu’s subsequent conviction for bribery in 2016 adds further significance to this revelation. The funds, transferred between 2015 and 2017, were deposited into accounts exclusively labeled as “Biden.”

The source of the foreign funds can be traced back to CEFC, an organization associated with the Communist Party in China. A memo given by the committee in March disclosed that the Biden family received a sum of $70,000 from CEFC. It is noteworthy that Hallie Biden, the sister-in-law of Hunter Biden, was specifically named as a beneficiary of $10,000 from the businessman of Romania, in addition to an extra $25,000 as an element of the agreement involving CEFC.

Implications and Controversy. The disclosure of the Biden family’s acceptance of foreign funds has raised apprehensions regarding possible influence peddling and ethical dilemmas. The committee’s memo shed light on compelling evidence indicating a connection between the financial transactions of the Biden family and the responsibilities held by Joe Biden during his tenure as Vice President. Of particular significance is the fact that these transactions took place while Biden was actively advocating for anti-corruption policies in Romania.

Detractors contend that the participation of additional family members of Biden in these financial arrangements gives rise to inquiries regarding the potential extent of influence peddling that might have transpired throughout Joe Biden’s political trajectory. These concerns have been further heightened due to the association between Romania and China and their involvement in United States policy under the Obama presidency, a period in which Joe Biden occupied a significant position.