‘Video’ Helicopters Collide Leaving 10 Dead

Ten individuals tragically lost their lives during helicopter exercises in Malaysia when two Navy aircraft collided. The accident occurred near the Lumut naval base in the state of Perak on April 23, while preparations were underway for a parade to mark the 90th anniversary of the Royal Malaysian Navy. Following the collision, the Navy confirmed that all involved had perished and were transported to the Lumut Naval Base military hospital for identification.

The incident quickly drew attention on social media, where a video of the collision was posted, leading to initial doubts about its authenticity. However, the Navy confirmed the video was genuine and that the tragic event had indeed taken place. The helicopters involved were identified as a Eurocopter AS555SN Fennec, which had three passengers, and an AW139 maritime operation helicopter, carrying seven individuals.

Defense Minister Mohamed Khaled Nordin commented that the helicopters were practicing for the upcoming public parade scheduled for April 27. The next day, it was reported that Royal Malaysian Navy Commander Firdaus Ramli was among those killed. His sister, Alya Ramli, relayed to the press the heartbreak of their family, recounting a phone conversation her parents had with him just an hour before the accident.

Commander Firdaus, aged 44 and a veteran of over 20 years with the Malaysian Navy, was piloting one of the helicopters. The crash also claimed the lives of Petty Officer Noor Rahiza Anuar, Lt Cmdr Wan Rezaudeen Kamal Wan Zainal Abidin, and Warrant Officer II Muhammad Faisol Tamadun. Online, friends and relatives mourned and paid homage to the victims, including Suzana Hamdan, who lamented that she never expected the last Ramadan to be the final time she would see her friend Mohd Shahrizan Mohd Termizi.

Malaysian actress Eyra Hazali also shared her grief, revealing that her husband’s cousin was among the deceased. She expressed her sorrow with a prayer, hoping for their souls to be counted among the righteous.