Reality Star Accused Estranged Husband of Child Abuse

Christine Quinn, star of “Selling Sunset,” has filed serious allegations against her estranged husband, Christian Richard Dumontet, in a recent court document. Quinn claims that she and her 2-year-old son, Christian Georges, were subjected to domestic violence and child abuse by Dumontet. She is now seeking full custody of their son.

In the filing, Quinn asserts that Dumontet engaged in domestic violence and child abuse against both her and their son. She reported, “I reported these acts of abuse to law enforcement because they were true and because I feared for our safety.”

Quinn also contends that Dumontet has failed to pay over $100,000 in hospital bills incurred from their son’s birth, despite his initial agreement to handle these expenses. This failure has resulted in the bills going into collections, adversely affecting her credit score.

The reality TV personality is seeking full legal and physical custody of their son to relocate him to Texas, where her family lives, without needing Dumontet’s approval. She has requested the court to restrict Dumontet from visiting their child, citing the details provided in her attached declaration.

Dumontet was arrested on March 19 after he allegedly threw a glass bottle at Quinn, which missed her and instead struck their child, causing injuries that required hospital treatment. Quinn described Dumontet as consistently abusive throughout their marriage, recounting an incident where he threw dog feces at her.

She further accuses Dumontet of deceptive tactics, including lying about his mother having a heart attack to manipulate her into putting their son on the phone following his arrest. Quinn expressed concerns about Dumontet’s potential for emotional manipulation to monitor her activities while a restraining order is in place.

Additionally, Quinn claims that Dumontet breached a temporary restraining order by altering the codes to their marital home, effectively locking her and their son out.

Dumontet has filed for divorce as of April 5. While no criminal charges have been filed against him to date, the investigation into the allegations remains active.