Big Tech’s Latest Assault on You!

Google’s YouTube is tightening its censorship noose once again, this time by eradicating any whispers of alternative cancer remedies, health remedies, and many other helpful health tips and tricks, branding them as “medical misinformation.” This heavy-handed move mirrors their consistent efforts to suppress any narrative that strays from the established mainstream view, especially when it comes to health topics.

In an audacious “long term vision” proclamation on their official blog, YouTube’s Dr. Garth Graham and Matt Halprin assert that squashing “cancer misinformation” has now climbed to the top of their agenda, sitting right beside their relentless purge of alternative viewpoints on the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Drawing from their post, “In the years since we aimed to mold YouTube into a hub for high-quality health content, we’ve decoded the playbook to design Community Guidelines aligned with global health czar dictates. We’re refining our strategy to combat medical misinformation.”

Moreover, it’s essential to recall that Dr. Graham previously rolled out a stringent “certification” protocol that mandates every medical video to dance to the World Health Organization’s [WHO] tune or face the music.

YouTube, it seems, is building a digital wall, stating it “is not a sanctuary for distributing potentially harmful information.”

With Covid gradually fading from the spotlight, the tech giant’s new battle is against the burgeoning realization that conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy may not always be the best choice. Thanks to the vast online knowledge pool, people are awakening to alternative remedies, some sadly outlawed in the U.S., which might be more compassionate to the body.

But when you fathom the enormity of the cancer industry, it’s hardly surprising that YouTube and its corporate allies are sprinting to quash any inkling of unconventional cancer remedies.

Under YouTube’s latest diktat, anything outside the ‘approved’ realm of cancer treatments is dubbed “misinformation” and faces banishment. Share what you believe might help someone with cancer? Brace yourself for repercussions.

YouTube’s new guidelines can be distilled into three categories – “Prevention, Treatment, and Denial”. They’re hell-bent on toeing the line of “publicly available guidance from global health overlords”, which predominantly means behemoths like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the CDC, and the omnipresent WHO.

In YouTube’s words, they “will obliterate content that contradicts the globalist-approved guidance on health conditions, treatments, or even approved vaccines. They will axe content that questions the authority’s stance on specific treatments, even if it warns against harmful substances or practices.”

For those with a robust constitution who want to delve deeper into YouTube’s ever-tightening medical censorship policies, their blog post awaits your perusal.