Worst Mayor in America…

The monthly town hall meeting in the Village of Dolton has once again caught national attention due to contentious exchanges involving Mayor Tiffany Henyard, who has been embroiled in various scandals. Accusations against Henyard include misuse of police for personal vendettas and extravagant spending of public funds, notably on trips such as to Las Vegas. Her recent veto against a board resolution to investigate her financial activities further fueled public outcry, especially since there are rumors of an FBI investigation into her alleged misuse of the local police force for personal gain.

The most recent board meeting saw heightened security measures, leading to many residents being unable to attend. Among those who did attend, frustration with Mayor Henyard was palpable. One resident, a cancer patient, expressed outrage over Henyard’s alleged misappropriation of funds from a cancer foundation, highlighting the personal cost of such actions. The “Tiffany Henyard CARES Foundation,” supposedly aimed at supporting cancer survivors, has come under scrutiny by Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul for financial opacity.

Cara Wilson, another attendee, criticized Henyard for a lack of empathy regarding the police shooting of her daughter, pointing to Henyard’s criminal record and questioning her integrity. Calls for Henyard to resign were echoed throughout the meeting, with residents demanding transparency and accountability, particularly regarding an alleged incident in Las Vegas.

Mayor Henyard defended herself by accusing the media of exploiting Dolton’s political strife for sensationalism. Police Chief Lewis Lacey expressed willingness to engage with the press before concluding the meeting due to safety concerns.

In response to inquiries, a spokesperson for Mayor Henyard cited increased security measures at the Village Hall as a necessary step to protect staff from threats, attributing this to “continuous misinformation” disseminated by the media and bloggers seeking to profit from Dolton’s predicament. The spokesperson emphasized that the safety of staff, officials, and residents remains a top priority, with ongoing coordination with law enforcement to address the situation.